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What It Takes To Win: AVG

The What It Takes To Win series here at RotoAuthority attempts to determine what stats you should strive for to achieve fourth place in each of the ten standard 5x5 categories.  If you get nine points per category, you'll end up with 90 and a good chance at taking the title.  I'll use rotisserie leagues that I consider standard - 12 teams, 5x5, 14 hitters, 9 pitchers, 3 bench spots, 2 DL spots.  I was in two such leagues in 2008.

Today we'll take a look at batting average.  In the first league, a .282 AVG was good for fourth place.  In the second, an AVG close to .281 did the trick.  Those are very close for two different leagues; maybe readers can offer more data if their league uses an identical format?

Last year we suggested you strive for a .283 team AVG.  I'm comfortable using that figure as the benchmark again.  I'm projecting about 67 players to pull it off with 500+ ABs: 4 catchers, 18 first basemen, 9 second basemen, 12 shortstops, 12 third basemen, and 24 outfielders (some players are eligible at multiple positions).  Players projected to be right around .283 include Russell Martin, Bobby Abreu, Geovany Soto, Jay Bruce, Johnny Damon, Vernon Wells, and Willy Taveras.

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