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Power/Speed Picks

The 20/20 player is a beautiful thing in fantasy baseball.  Unfortunately, I am projecting only seven of them for the 2009 season:

  • Hanley Ramirez
  • Grady Sizemore
  • Alfonso Soriano
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Nate McLouth
  • Corey Hart
  • Brandon Phillips

McLouth will probably be the last drafted of these seven, and he's going in the sixth round.

If I stretch my filter to 17/17 players, I find eleven more:

  • Alex Rodriguez
  • David Wright
  • Jimmy Rollins
  • Matt Kemp
  • Carlos Beltran
  • Bobby Abreu
  • Alex Rios
  • Chris Young
  • Jayson Werth
  • Rickie Weeks
  • Chris Dickerson

The last three are the late-round bargains - all can be had in the 15th round or later.  Batting average is the biggest flaw with all three.  Elijah Dukes and Adam Jones might fit the mold as well.

If I stretch my filter still further, I find possible gems such as Lastings Milledge (12th round), Nelson Cruz (16th round), and even Torii Hunter (11th round).  I have B.J. Upton at 15 HR and 40 SBs, but his second round draft position gives full respect to his seven postseason HR and 24 bombs in 2007.

Who are your power/speed favorites?

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