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Carlos Quentin: Overrated?

Carlos Quentin is being drafted in the late third/early fourth round (position 37.76).  He's being picked 14th among outfielders.  Is this he a good pick at that point in the draft?

I'd say that if Quentin is able to muster a .290-30-100-100-5 season, he's worthy of being drafted in that spot.  Those are lofty heights, but the guy hit five home runs in his worst month this year.  If he wasn't coming off a wrist injury, I'd feel OK about him as the 37th pick.

Quentin has Jason Bay and Nick Markakis being taken before him, Alex Rios, Vladimir Guerrero, and Matt Kemp after.  Once again I really like Kemp.  He does it all, and should come close to 20 HR and 30 SBs.  I think Kemp has top five outfielder potential in 2009.

That's my other qualm with the early pick for Quentin.   I prefer to build my offense around power/speed guys, and Quentin doesn't bring the SBs.  I don't see him as a bust by any means, but I can't see myself taking him with my fourth-round pick.  It just seems like I'd be "buying high."

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