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Answering East Windup Chronicle's Questions

Our good friends at East Windup Chronicle have proposed six early fantasy baseball questions.  Let's attempt to answer them. (Draft data from MDC).

  1. Whither Matt Holliday?  The Oakland outfielder is being picked at 12.19 on average.  EWC says people are overanalyzing the trade.  I concur - Holliday should be drafted 10th, once Reyes, Pujols, Hanley, A-Rod, Wright, Braun, M-Cab, Sizemore, and Rollins are off the board.
  2. Is Chien-Ming Wang falling too far?  Wang is being drafted at 189.22 on average, in the 16th round (50th among starters).  I rank him 56th among starters, after Jon Lester but above Joe Saunders.  I'd rather have Andy Sonnanstine or Gil Meche, who are being drafted later than Wang.
  3. At what point do I reach for a SS?  If you don't get one of the top 11 shortstops, you're screwed (Reyes, Hanley, Rollins, Furcal, Jeter, Alexei, Young, Tejada, Peralta, Tulo, Hardy).  All of these guys will be gone by the 11th round.  There is something to be said for springing for Rollins in the first.
  4. What to do with Rick Ankiel?  You can get his 30 HR pop in the 19th round, probably because he doesn't help in AVG or SBs.  He's going 59th among OFs.  I think that's about right.
  5. Breakout season for the Reds?  Couldn't agree more - tons of value in Reds players.  Harang in the 13th round, I'll consider it.  Cueto in the 17th - yes, please.
  6. Who should go #1?  I probably value steals higher than most.  Give me Reyes.

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