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Second Baseman Ranking Comparison

My second baseman rankings back in March, including round drafted on average:

Name $ VAL Round
Chase Utley 22.37 1
Brian Roberts 18.84 3
B.J. Upton 16.35 2
Brandon Phillips 14.99 2
Robinson Cano 12.58 6
Ian Kinsler 9.23 6
Kelly Johnson 8.91 14
Dan Uggla 6.41 8
Placido Polanco 5.67 15
Howie Kendrick 5.42 10
Rickie Weeks 5.40 11
Dustin Pedroia 4.32 14
Freddy Sanchez 3.27 17
Orlando Hudson 3.05 14
Luis Castillo 2.36 19
Jeff Kent 2.34 17
Ty Wigginton 2.27 18
Kaz Matsui 2.24 16
Yunel Escobar 1.74 17
Asdrubal Cabrera 1.23 17
Ryan Theriot 1.09 19
Aaron Hill 0.51 18
Mark Ellis 0.38 19

As you might expect, I often ended up with Roberts and Johnson based on these rankings.  Here are the actual 2008 ratings, based on ESPN's player rater (which uses AVG, HR, RBI, R, and SB):

Name Round
Dustin Pedroia 14
Chase Utley 1
Ian Kinsler 6
Brian Roberts 3
B.J. Upton 2
Mark DeRosa 21
Jose Lopez 24
Brandon Phillips 2
Dan Uggla 8
Alexei Ramirez N/A
Ryan Theriot 19
Placido Polanco 15
Kelly Johnson 14
Mike Aviles N/A
Ty Wigginton 18
Kaz Matsui 16
Clint Barmes N/A
Yunel Escobar 17
Robinson Cano 6
Akinori Iwamura 18
Rickie Weeks 11
Orlando Hudson 14
Ray Durham 30
Marco Scutaro 54

Busts: Phillips, Cano, Weeks,Kendrick.  Phillips didn't provide second round value, though we here at RotoAuthority didn't expect him to.  Cano was just an out and out flop.  As a sixth-round pick, owners were probably reluctant to give up on him.

Surprises: Pedroia, DeRosa, Lopez, Ramirez, Theriot, Aviles.  If you had a problem at second base, there were plenty of opportunities to upgrade via free agency.  Ramirez and Aviles will get ROY votes for sure.  Pedroia might win the MVP.  And you have to love DeRo's flexibility, as he's eligible at 3B and OF as well.  All these surprises just underscore the importance of free agency in your typical 12-team mixed league.

Possibly sleepers for '09: Wigginton, Alexei, and Lopez.

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