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The Fantasy Baseball Code Of Honor

In real baseball, there's a clear code of honor.  For instance, you don't bunt to break up a no-hitter.  You don't try to steal if you're up more than five runs.  Cheating has been treated with a wink in some cases - Gaylord Perry for example.  Other times, not so much - Barry Bonds can't find a job.

Does fantasy baseball have a similar code of honor?  I'd like to read your thoughts in the comments.  If there is a code, here are some possible hot-button issues:

  • Pitcher streaming.  In a league without inning or transaction limits, an owner can run through four or five starters every day.  This pumps up strikeout and win totals while abandoning ERA and WHIP.  In general, this strategy has a negative connotation.  Should it?  If league rules allow it, you might be at a disadvantage if you don't consider doing it.  Plus, abandoning two categories isn't guaranteed to help.  Is there an unwritten agreement not to stream pitchers, or at least not to do it too often?
  • Lopsided trades.  I am on record as saying trades should not be vetoed unless collusion is obvious.  Lopsided trades are part of the real game as well, plus who are we to judge the fairness of a trade?  We can't predict the future.  Still, it does seem wrong to see one owner stocking their team at the expense of a less experienced person.  These kinds of trades cause grumbling from other owners in some cases, vetoes in others.
  • Collusion.  In MLB, we have seen owners collude in the past.  In fantasy baseball, this might be a lopsided deal among brothers (one in first place, the other in last in a non-keeper league).  Or maybe a guy drops a quality player, knowing his buddy is first in the waiver order.  You'll be hard-pressed to find an owner who considers this acceptable.  We also have draft-day collusion - if you lay off your friend's sleeper picks, he'll avoid yours.  Is this OK?
  • Complaining.  One thing you don't see too much in real baseball is whining -  every team has injuries or bad luck.  Players routinely play through pain and don't talk about it.  So when an owner makes excuses ("I'm really busy at work right now!") it tends to annoy the other owners who were also busy at work but still set their rosters.  If you lose, it's best to say nothing or just say, "I was outplayed."
  • Showboating.  Back in the day, if a player admired his home run or simply hit too many of them, he'd get plunked in his next at-bat.  There is no fantasy baseball equivalent to burying a heater in the numbers.  What are your thoughts on gloating and talking smack?  In my experience, karma seems to get me every time I get cocky.
  • Cheating.  For most owners, it's simply not possible to cheat.  I've never heard of a fantasy owner hacking their way to a title.  I have, however, heard stories of commissioners using their omnipotence to bend the rules.    

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