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Podhorzer On Tulowitzki

Mike Podhorzer takes a nice look at Troy Tulowitzki's lost season in a post today.  He explains that Tulo's 2007 season seems more of an outlier than his '08.

I considered Tulowitzki a reach in the fourth round last March.  However, I was also a big Rafael Furcal booster and wasn't particularly impressed by Stephen Drew or J.J. Hardy.  I have five fantasy teams this year, and shortstop is currently manned by Jimmy Rollins, Michael Young (twice), Mike Aviles, and Cristian Guzman.  I also managed to snag Alexei Ramirez in one league.  So, I recovered decently after drafting/acquiring Furcal in three of five leagues.  Everyone deals with injuries; you just have to move on.

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