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Fantasy League Results

I played in five fantasy leagues this year.  Two of them were head-to-head, three were rotisserie style.  All were mixed leagues.  I think five leagues is the most a person can reasonably play while paying proper attention to all of them (and writing about baseball is my full-time job).

At one point this month I was in first place in all five leagues and though I had a shot at championships across the board.  Instead I ended up winning three of the five leagues, if you count a tie in one league.  An overview (each league will eventually get its own post for analysis):

  • Fantasy Baseball Writers Roto League: Tim McLeod of RotoRob made a phenomenal charge this weekend and moved into a first-place tie at 95.0 points.  It looks like we are co-champions.  I'll take it - I thought I lost by a half point last night based on Yahoo's StatTracker.
  • H2H League With Former Coworkers (extra categories: IP, TB): This league was with people I used to work with at DoubleClick Performics.  I had the best regular season team by a margin of 12.5 games.  I got a bye in the first round of the playoffs, then won the next round by the narrowest of margins (Yahoo awarded the 6-6 tie to me because I had a lower ERA).  The league champion was determined by a two-week playoff that I lost 8-4.
  • RotoAuthority Roto League: I battled with 11 readers of this site and won it with 97.5 points (Dizzy Llamas took second with 85.0).  Gotta love winning a money league.  We'll have four slots open for this league in 2009, as Chris, Jay, Aussie Dan, and Daniel get the boot (thanks for playing guys).  Not sure if the Silver League winner will want one of those slots.
  • Fantasy Baseball Search League: A H2H league rife with drama like I have never seen before in fantasy baseball.  Didn't have anything to do with my third place finish though.  I earned a first round playoff bye with the best regular season record, but got knocked out in the second round.
  • Keeper Roto League With Friends: This one's the sweetest.  I won it with 98.0 points, with the second place team getting 90.0.  I have been in this league off-and-on since high school and never sniffed a finish near the top.  Finally this year everything came together.  Bonus: it's a money league.

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