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September Call-Ups: Hitters

September call-ups are coming in a few weeks.  Hitters are unlikely to have a large impact in September, because they often do not have a starting role.  But let's take a look at some possibilities.  Feel free to add names in the comments.

  • Dan Johnson, Rays.  At 29, the first baseman is no prospect.  Still, he leads the International League with a .417 OBP.
  • Brent Clevlen, Tigers.  Clevlen has a .906 OPS in Triple A this year, and the Tigers might have to wave the white flag a few weeks from now.  He could get some at-bats.  Third baseman Mike Hessman and his 32 HR could also get a look.  Freddy Guzman is another possibility; he has 46 steals.
  • Josh Anderson, Braves.  Maybe the Braves will trade Mark Kotsay and decide to give Anderson another look.  He has 40 swipes.
  • Andrew McCutchen and Chris Duffy, Pirates.   Another pair of burners who could get a look.   
  • Nelson Cruz, Rangers.  There has to be a way to work in a 1.144 OPS!  However, his timing is lousy as he's out with a strained quad.  Hopefully it heals up.  He also has 24 steals.
  • Josh Whitesell, Diamondbacks.  Don't know much about the 26 year-old 1B, but a .997 OPS has to count for something.
  • Val Pascucci, Mets.  Another older guy tearing up the PCL.
  • Dallas McPherson, Marlins.  It's a shame 40 HR hasn't been able to get McPherson another look.
  • Joe Koshansky, Rockies.  The 26 year-old is mashing; maybe he can do something in a month at Coors.
  • Nate Schierholtz, Giants.  The Giants should give him a right field audition for next year.
  • Interesting names in Double A: Lou Marson, Jason Donald, Angel Salome, Ivan DeJesus, Kala Ka'aihue, Matt LaPorta (if healthy), Mat Gamel, John Raynor (Marlins LF, 45 SB), Cameron Maybin, Eric Young (Rockies 2B, 41 SB and .399 OBP).

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