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Pick Up Jensen Lewis For Saves In Cleveland

As more and more owners lose interest, waiver wire saves are becoming plentiful.  In some leagues I am rostering 5 or 6 closers.  That's crazy since there are only 30 at a given time.  Sometimes I will pick a guy up just to keep saves away from other teams.

  • This happened fairly quietly.  Jensen Lewis has emerged as Eric Wedge's top ninth inning choice for the Indians.  He prefers to use Rafael Perez in a setup role.  I found Lewis available in three of my five leagues.
  • Owners can cut Joel Zumaya loose;he's hurt again.  Fernando Rodney is the top candidate for saves at this point.
  • In less competitive leagues, Oakland's Brad Ziegler may still be around.
  • Eddie Kunz might get a few saves in the short-term, but the entire Mets situation is just a huge mess.  Only look here if you're desperate.
  • Adam Wainwright is being stretched out in the minors, leading some to speculate that the Cardinals will stick with Chris Perez for the ninth.
  • I've been updating the Fantasy Baseball Closers post as quickly as possible when news comes in, so keep it bookmarked.

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