August 2008

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9 Pitchers Who Could Be Shut Down Early

We saw it last year with Tim Lincecum, James Shields, and others.  Teams are growing increasingly cautious with prized young arms, and will often shut healthy young pitchers down to avoid a 30+ inning increase over the previous year.  Here are 9 pitchers on non-contending teams who might be shut down early next month.  We'll have a more comprehensive list later today, which will include young at-risk hurlers on playoff contenders.

  • Jeremy Guthrie.  Cap: 205.3.  Pace: 221.
  • Tim Lincecum.  Cap: 207.3.  Pace:  216.  Manager Bruce Bochy said they'll watch Lincecum but "he'll stay out there."
  • Zack Greinke.  Cap: 152.  Pace: 204.
  • Jair Jurrjens.  Cap: 173.3.  Pace:  195.
  • Jonathan Sanchez.  Cap: 105.6. Pace: 179.
  • Greg Smith. Cap: 152. Pace:  187.
  • Sean Gallagher.  Cap: 146.3. Pace: 165.
  • Dana Eveland.  Cap: 67.6.  Pace: 182.
  • Zach Duke.  Cap: 153.3.  Pace: 184.

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Liriano Advice

So Francisco Liriano is up, and is expected to start Monday.  I have saved the #1 waiver position in my keeper league for just this moment.  I am in first place, though, and winning the league this year is the priority.  Plus, the league has no bench.

Three of my nine pitchers are closers - J.J. Putz, B.J. Ryan, and George Sherrill.  I can't afford to drop off in saves, so I'm reluctant to cut any of them.

Starting staff: Felix Hernandez, James Shields, CC Sabathia, Zack Greinke, Javier Vazquez, and Kevin Slowey.  For some reason I am having a tough time with this decision.  Do I cut Greinke, Vazquez, or Slowey for Liriano?  Or do I simply stick with what I've got?  Initially I planned to cut Slowey, but I like the WHIP he brings to the table.  My team has a strong need for WHIP, though Liriano may also be able to provide it.

It just seems wrong to cut Greinke or Vazquez.  Greinke's had plenty of Ks lately, but hasn't been that great since a stellar April.  Vazquez has scuffled the last two months, but typically provides WHIP and Ks.  I hate to think this way, but his start tonight might be a big test.  Vazquez and Greinke have very similar peripherals this year, actually. 

Any expert advice for me?  Do I just stand pat and let someone else get Liriano?

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Content Ideas?

My apologies for the lack of posts recently at RotoAuthority.  We'll return to our regular posting schedule on Monday.  In the meantime, are there any players or topics you'd like to see covered?

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