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RotoAuthority League - Best Pickups Last Week

This feature is written by Jeff, owner of the Volvo Stationwagons.

Short week this week, not a whole lot of add/drop moves, but a couple of trades took place…

7/19 – Ms. Behavin’ picks up Nomar Garciaparra
Since he came off the disabled list on the 4th of July, Nomar has hit .333 with 3 home runs (.642 slugging) and 10 RBI in 14 games.  And given Joe Torre’s penchant this season for starting veterans over younger players (see: Jones, Andruw), Nomar could see plenty of playing time in the short term.  He started at shortstop and batted fifth in the Dodgers’ lineup on Sunday.  So while he’s not at his ridiculously productive late ‘90s best and still is very injury-prone, you could do a lot worse than a healthy Nomar Garciaparra at your MI position. 

7/19 – Men With Wood trade Delmon Young, Juan Pierre, and Jonathan Broxton to Ms. Behavin’ for Adam Dunn, Michael Bourn, and Octavio Dotel
This trade exchanges resources that appear to address each team’s weaknesses.  The Men With Wood sit atop the RotoAuthority league standings in the SB category, while Ms. Behavin’ finds herself first in RBI and second in HR.  Exchanging Dunn and Bourn for Young and Pierre seems to give the Wood a bit more pop while giving Ms. Behavin’ a tiny bit more speed. 

However, each team is taking a bit of the gamble; Pierre currently sits on the DL, while Bourn sits on the bench in favor of Darin Erstad.  It seems the two OF given up by Ms. Behavin’ are a bit more valuable, which is where the exchange of relievers comes in.  (Both teams are in the bottom half of the league in saves.)  Broxton currently seems to have a tiny bit more value due to Takashi Saito’s injury opening the door for Dodger saves, despite the fact that as discussed last week in this piece, Dotel is a strikeout machine.  Despite a fair bit of uncertainty with several of its components, this trade appears to benefit both teams at the moment.

7/20 – Los Genius trades Alex Gordon and Jonathan Sanchez to The Urine Troubles for Chris Davis and Grant Balfour
Gordon has struggled mightily this season for the Genius, so he is shipped off to the Troubles with Sanchez on an upside play for the youngster Davis, discussed in depth on this site, as well a saves candidate in Balfour.  To me, the key to this deal is Sanchez, who has quietly been the Giants’ second-best starting pitcher, posting an excellent 9.5 K/9 while racking up lots of wins in June during the team’s solid month.  His ratios leave a bit to be desired, though, which appears to be the reason he’s going from a high-strikeout team with poor ratios (11th in ERA, 12th in WHIP, 1st in K) to a team with solid ratios but few strikeouts (2nd in ERA, 2nd in WHIP, 11th in K), so in theory that portion of the move will likely benefit both teams. 

With the Troubles leading the league in saves, Balfour is expendable as merely a fill-in for Troy Percival for the Rays.  So at this point my gut tells me that the Troubles get the better end of this deal, as Gordon appears to be just as likely as (if not more than) Davis to have a productive second half of the season, and Sanchez provides a very good source of K and W for a team that can afford the ratio hit for a half-season.

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