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Corpas Vs. Buchholz

According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, Rockies closer Brian Fuentes is likely to be traded this month.  Fantasy owners are desperate to determine whether Taylor Buchholz or Manny Corpas would get first crack at the closer job.

Renck explains:

O'Dowd made it clear Corpas would be given another shot to close before Buchholz. Buchholz has developed into a solid setup man, but the Rockies don't want to push him too quickly — he began the year as a secondary seventh-inning guy — and risk stunting his growth.

So, that's what the Rockies are thinking.  If you have to choose between Corpas and Buchholz for saves, take Corpas despite his inferior numbers.  Corpas at least strung together nine scoreless appearances until last night.  You have to wonder how long his leash will be though.

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