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Seth McClung Analysis

Seth McClung has made four starts this year.  Here are the results:

4 starts
21.6 innings
5.42 IP/start
4.57 ERA
1.29 WHIP
5.82 K/9
2.91 BB/9
2.0 K/BB
8.72 H/9
1.25 HR/9

Nothing spectacular here, though his last two efforts have been strong.  You may recall that McClung started 15 games as recently as 2006, and he was awful.  To his credit, his control seems much improved.

But if you want real in-depth pitching analysis, you have to go to Josh Kalk (who has contributed excellent work here at RotoAuthority in the past).  Kalk examined the new McClung with pitch F/X data and likes what he sees.  I wouldn't pick him up in mixed leagues quite yet, but he's someone to watch.

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