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A Look At Randy Wolf

In each of my leagues, it seems like Randy Wolf has been added and dropped about eight times.  He really gets around.  Let's look at the numbers - is Wolf worthy of a permanent spot?

77.6 IP
13 starts
5.97 IP/start
4 wins
4.8 expected wins
4.06 ERA
1.27 WHIP
7.65 K/9
2.90 BB/9
2.64 K/BB
8.58 H/9
.312 BABIP vs. .300 team BABIP
0.70 HR/9
9.4% HR/flyball
41.3% groundball rate

Wolf posted a strong April, but stumbled in May with more hits and walks allowed.  His last five starts have been quality, so he seems back on track.   Compared to last year, Wolf has traded some Ks for improved control.  More importantly, he's made all 13 starts this year.

Though Wolf does show a pronounced home/road split, I don't think much of it.  The sample sizes are just too small.  I like his command, and nothing in his stats looks flukey.

One consideration is that Wolf may lose that PETCO advantage but he could gain more run support.  As an impending free agent who's pitching fairly well for a lousy team, Wolf is a prime candidate to be traded.  A team like the Cubs would give him a fantasy boost overall.

Wolf is a good mid-rotation strikeout guy for your fantasy staff, but be quick to bench him if his elbow or shoulder starts barking.

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