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Thoughts On Trade Vetoes

One refreshing aspect of the RotoAuthority League is that owners do not have a chance to vote on other owners' trades.  When did this become the accepted practice?  I find it ridiculous. 

Why should trades be voted on?  Most people will tell you it's to prevent unfair deals from being made.  Are trades really supposed to be fair?  I never give thought to fairness.  I just try to help my own team.  Obviously I am going to have to give up something decent, unless the other owner is...

Dumb.  One apparent reason for vetoes is to prevent dumb owners from being ripped off.  Usually making it a money league with decent stakes takes care of this problem, though.  Otherwise, if you don't want a novice in your league, don't let that person in.  Part of having a novice in the league is that people will try to take advantage of him.  Let's be honest - you're only vetoing that rip-off trade because you didn't think to make the offer.

The one reason I find vetoes acceptable is to prevent collusion.  If you have two brothers in a non-keeper league and the last place brother dumps off all his best players to the first place brother, that's collusion.  That's not cool, though the best solution is just to not have people in the league who would collude.

Say, for the sake of argument, trades need to be fair and veto power is necessary.  How does it make sense that the other ten teams, with an obvious vested interest, are the arbiters?  That'd be like Omar Minaya and Pat Gillick voting down the Braves' Rafael Soriano-Horacio Ramirez swap.  At the very least, appoint someone not in the league.

By the way, why are the players in the league authorities on trade equity?  Can they predict the future?  I have seen way too many trades vetoed because 10 amateurs took a quick glance and saw a "name" player swapped for a less famous guy.  Last year I caused an uproar by trading Jeremy Accardo for Joe Mauer, even though the Accardo side ended up winning the deal.

What are your thoughts on trade vetoes?  Do fantasy baseball trades need to be fair and even?

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