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Looking For Pitching?

Let's see here.  Yovani Gallardo just tore his ACL.  John Smoltz will shift to the bullpen when he returns.  That's two high-quality starters, out of the running for fantasy baseball.  (Smoltz sidebar: the fantasy implication for me is if the team owning Smoltz gets a fourth closer because of his role change.  That creates a trading opportunity).

I just traded Conor Jackson for Gallardo (to that conniving dirtbag Mike Silver, no less).  So I am feeling the pain.  But it's time to chin up and hit the wires to see what we can find.  I'm in five mixed leagues, and all of the guys below are available in at least one.

  • Carlos Silva -  Only if you have a very healthy strikeout lead. Ditto Aaron Cook.
  • Odalis Perez -  If he brings the walks down a touch you could almost consider him.
  • Hiroki Kuroda - Not ready to write him off.  Hopefully he can boost his K rate.
  • Miguel Batista - Batista figured out some mysterious new trick.  I have to admit, I'm intrigued.
  • Bronson Arroyo - Don't laugh.  He's whiffed 29 in 31 innings and is an early BABIP victim.
  • Paul Maholm - I'm a fan; he went on a nice run last year.  Can have flashes of brilliance.
  • Shawn Hill - One of those "good when healthy" types.
  • Ian Snell - Some antsy fantasy owners have dropped him already.  I think he'll come around.
  • Ted Lilly - Same story as Snell (and I admit, I was impatient enough to cut him for Max Scherzer).
  • Armando Galarraga - Interesting candidate for wins in front of the Tiger offense.
  • Rich Hill - The man is an enigma and one of my favorites.  He could sink or swim from here on out, and the Cubs don't have much confidence in him.
  • Todd Wellemeyer - 36 Ks in 37 innings, that gets my attention.
  • Dana Eveland - Oakland is a great place to pitch, and I like his 6.8 K/9.
  • Scott Baker - Old school RotoAuthority favorite.  He'll always be a WHIP source, and he can surprise you with the Ks sometimes.

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