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Hot Pickups

Everyone is picking these guys up...are they for real?

  • Ryan Ludwick, OF.  He's gotten to face tons of lefties, skewing his stats.  He's earned PT against righties though.  Even if the outfield picture is slightly muddied, Ludwick is a fine pickup with legit power.  Don't expect him to hit .300 though.
  • Aaron Cook, SP.  Even with all the grounders and the nice ERA/WHIP, Cook is strictly a spot starter for me.  Doesn't get Ks; will allow hits at a much higher rate going forward.
  • Tim Redding, SP.  A definite BABIP king but his K/BB is borderline tolerable.  Worth spot starting; not a complete fluke.
  • Jon Lester, SP.  Very ugly K/BB...start him with caution.
  • Stephen Drew, SS.  He's slugging .513; the 15-20 HR power seems legit.

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