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Waiver Wire Starters

Here are some starters you might consider from your mixed league waiver wire.  Maybe you lost Pedro for a while, or you've got an open spot for some other reason.

  • Kevin Slowey is decent; he gets the Angels tomorrow.  He's one of those guys whose ERA probably won't match up with his K/BB ratio.  His teammate, Scott Baker, is a decent choice against KC.
  • I'd give Randy Wolf a look against the Astros.  I don't know if Wolf is truly healthy, but he was lights out for a month when he was right last year.
  • Andy Sonnanstine against the Orioles is not a bad pick.  He's not unlike Slowey, a control guy who probably belongs in the NL.
  • Carlos Villanueva against the Giants on Saturday?  Yes.  Anyone against the Giants?  Yes.
  • Jake Westbrook gets the A's in his '08 debut.  His new changeup has drawn raves; I'm interested.

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