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Season-To-Date MVPs

Which players have had the most roto value at each position?  I used the player rater at ESPN to find out.

C - Brian McCann.  Gunning for his first 30 HR season; might end up a steal as a fifth-rounder.  Runners up: Ryan Doumit, Bengie Molina.

1B - Lance Berkman.  Could return to his ridiculous .310-40-130 level of '06.  Runners up: Derrek Lee, Conor Jackson.  Sidenote: I recently traded Jackson for Yovani Gallardo.  Good or bad?

2B - Chase Utley.  This looks like Ryne Sandberg's peak or something.  I have to admit I wasn't sold on him as a first rounder.  Oops.  Runners up: B.J. Upton, Ian Kinsler.

SS - Hanley Ramirez.  I also have to admit I favored Jose Reyes by a hair over Hanley.  Never again will I doubt Hanley's shoulder.  He looks like next year's #1 overall pick.  Runners up: Rafael Furcal, Miguel Tejada.  Sidenote: I did not expect this from Miggy.

3B - Chipper Jones.  Typical Chipper - awesome when healthy, draft at your own risk.  Runners up: Mark Reynolds, Aramis Ramirez

OF - Technically Berkman; otherwise Pat Burrell.  Streaky as hell, but maybe that next contract will keep him going all year long.  Runners up: Carl Crawford, Manny Ramirez, Matt Holliday.

SP - Cliff Lee.  Surprise of the year so far; I discussed him here.  Runners up: Brandon Webb, Ben Sheets, John Smoltz.  Bonus surprise starters: Micah Owings, Ervin Santana.

RP - Jonathan Papelbon.  And the ERA is actually a touch high.  Runners up: Jonathan Sanchez (qualifies at RP), Francisco Rodriguez, Joakim Soria.

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