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Liriano, Carrasco, Mailbag

Let's kick off the week with some random fantasy tidbits.

  • Phillies starting pitching prospect Carlos Carrasco is looking very sharp in Double A.  It wouldn't be surprising to see him in the big club's rotation a few months from now.
  • There was more going on than simply rust following Francisco Liriano's 19-month layoff.  It's just one start, but Liriano's 2008 does not look promising.  Might make sense to keep him benched until he shows something.  And if it's time to pull the plug a month from now, treat his draft position as a sunk cost.
  • Ask a question for my Hardball Times mailbag by emailing rotoauthority@gmail.com.  Please remember not to ask anything specific to your team.

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