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Keep An Eye On Riske

FOX's Ken Rosenthal has some Opening Day musings in today's column.  He compares the blowups of closers Kerry Wood and Eric Gagne at Wrigley yesterday, noting that it's the Brewers who should be concerned.

I watched the game, and I agree.  Gagne looked very hittable.  His goggles kept fogging up, but I'm not buying that excuse.  He looked pretty lousy - tentative and throwing very straight fastballs.  When was the last time he looked decent?  July of last year?

Given his $10MM salary, Gagne will have a mighty long leash with the Brewers.  But he's also fragile, so they could easily cook up some reason to toss him on the DL if they don't want to embarrass him or themselves.  In that case David Riske would probably become the closer.  Riske makes $4MM this year but has a bunch of incentives for games finished.  He's the logical choice, and if you have bench room and fierce closer competition in your league a pre-emptive pickup might be wise. 

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