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Interesting Fast Starts - Hitters

Here are some players off to blazing starts who intrigue me.  Yes, I know the season is less than 4% over.

  • Ryan Doumit - .450/.450/.600 in 20 ABs.  He's started four of the Pirates' six games; couple that with a few starts in other positions and he could get into 120 games.  Doumit with 425 ABs is a top ten catcher.
  • Howie Kendrick - .444/.483/.593 in 27 ABs.  He's showing some extra base hit power and already has two swipes.  This could be the year he hits .320, but he needs to mix in power and speed to be more than Freddy Sanchez.
  • Rafael Furcal - .435/.536/.652 in 23 ABs.  I'd like to see more swipes, but this is promising.
  • Nate McLouth - .429/.448/.714 in 28 ABs.  Two steals, too.  I'd love to see him get 550 ABs.  That could mean 20 HR, 30 SBs, and 90 runs.
  • Kosuke Fukudome - .421/.542/.737 in 19 ABs.  I dig it, but the jury is still out on whether he can flirt with 20/20.
  • Jermaine Dye - .417/.481/.833 in 24 ABs.  That includes two homers.  He was undervalued from Day 1, and we could be looking at 30 HR and 100 RBI again.
  • David Murphy - .409/.458/.636 in 22 ABs.  Includes a homer and two steals.  Still only has 149 career ABs; we'll see what he can really do this year.  Hopefully he can shake the fourth outfielder label.
  • Derrek Lee - .400/.423/.880 with 3 HR in 25 ABs.  He did hit 46 HR once.
  • Billy Butler - .400/.400/.520 in 25 ABs.  We still need to see if he can hit 25 HR and knock in 90.  We know he can hit for average.
  • Other hitters to watch include Ryan Church, Rick Ankiel, and Carlos Gomez
  • Obviously it's super-early; no one has more than 34 ABs.  Some gurus preach that you have to ignore these early-season streakers.  But if your league has unlimited pickups, you can't.  Maybe only one out of four will pan out but if you don't pick up a guy because his sample's too small, someone else will.  Sure, Wilson Valdez was over .390 after a couple of weeks in '07...but so was B.J. Upton.

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