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Hot Pickups

Time to take a gander at ESPN's Most Added players.  Are these guys worth picking up?

  • Kyle Lohse - 12 scoreless innings under his belt, and he gets the Giants today.  He's not striking anyone out or showing improvement in control.  His low hit rate is unsustainable.  He might own the Giants, but long-term he's the same Lohse.  His first four starts of '07 were similarly solid, including a 12-K game against the Cubs.  He posted a 2.88 ERA in April and a 5.00 ERA thereafter.
  • Pete Moylan - He's the main candidate to close while Rafael Soriano is out, though Manny Acosta (another popular pickup) may get some looks.  Moylan posted a weak K rate in 90 innings last year.  But sure, go get him if you need saves.
  • Edinson Volquez - And he gets the Pirates today.  Watch his BB/9 - if he keeps it under 3.5 he's primed for a breakout year.
  • Joe Crede - Hitting .400, driving in runs.  Crede rarely whiffs, allowing him to post some nice batting average streaks.  A bad sign: his abysmal 3.4% line drive rate on the young season.
  • Aubrey Huff - A nice RBI-driven start for Huff.  He did mash eight homers in August of last year, so he's still got some skills.  I'd still look for a typical 20 HR, 75 RBI type season.
  • Manny Parra - There's talk that Dave Bush could be bumped from the rotation to make room for Yovani Gallardo, leaving Parra safe.   I still see him as more of an '09 breakout candidate.  Still, he has enough skills to warrant a mixed league pickup.

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