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Ervin Santana Pitch F/X Analysis

David Golebiewski of The Transaction Guy analyzed Angels' starter Ervin Santana with Pitch F/X data.  He likes what he sees, for the most part.  Here are his numbers so far:

4 starts
27 innings
6.75 IP/start
2.67 ERA
0.96 WHIP
7.33 K/9
2.00 BB/9
3.67 K/BB
6.67 H/9
.250 BABIP
0.67 HR/9
6.7% HR/flyball

Obviously some regression is due, but it does seem that Santana could do something similar to his '06 season (4.28 ERA in 204 IP).  And if he keeps his walk rate under 2.5 this could be the best year of his young career.  He gets a risky opponent in the Tigers next time out. 

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