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Don't Be Dumb

I own Zack Greinke in two of my five leagues, and it's been a joy watching him shut down the Mariners tonight.  Nine innings, five hits, one run.  Greinke seems like he only goes after a strikeout when he needs it, instead preferring to go deep into the game.  The man is absolutely on fire.

So what did I do today?  I accidentally left him on my bench in my Fantasy Baseball Search H2H league.  He and Hiroki Kuroda (who has a shot at a win also).  Since it's H2H, I might be able to get away with it.  But it still makes me sick, because it was plain sloppy. 

My point?  If you have daily lineups, and especially multiple leagues, you have to be very careful each and every day to have the right guys starting.  I committed the same act of negligence a couple of times last year too.  I already set my four daily lineups as part of a morning routine; I guess I just need to double check them.

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