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Bailey May Be Up Soon

Would the Reds dare add a third young pitcher to their rotation?  Why not?  Josh Fogg seems to be on his way outMatt Belisle may be the first choice to replace him, but the Reds have other options.  One of them is post-hype sleeper Homer Bailey.

Bailey wasn't amazing last year, but he was a 21 year-old in Triple A and the Majors.  His nasty #1 starter repertoire didn't go anywhere.  The only question is the strikeouts - he didn't rack 'em up in '07 and he's not this year either.

Bailey has shown much-improved command in his three Triple A starts in '08, with a 4.3 K/BB ratio.  He remains very tough to hit; there might be fantasy value here even without huge Cueto-like K numbers.

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