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Who's Winning The RotoAuthority League?

Silver League participate Matt Reedy made an awesome spreadsheet projecting out the 12 RotoAuthority League teams using PECOTA as well as my own projections.  So who the hell's gonna win this thing?

  • 190 survey respondents looked at the rosters and decided it'd be a battle between Dizzy Llamas (A-Rod, Webb, Papelbon) and Ms. Behavin' (Papi, M-Cab, Verlander). 
  • PECOTA sees Santa's Magic Janitor (Reyes, Teixeira, Kazmir) running away with it, and Men With Wood (Holliday, Howard, Zambrano) getting second place.
  • My own projections shockingly see me (Wright, Carlos Lee, Haren) winning, with Santa's in second.

Using the RotoAuthority projections, here are some possible team deficiences.  Volvo Stationwagons is projected to struggle in runs, RBIs, saves, ERA, and WHIP.  Greek God Of Walks is light in HR and RBI.  Urine Troubles needs speed.  Aubrey Huff's team has AVG issues.  Santa's team is light on wins and Ks.  We'll have to look back after the season to see if these computer projections prove true.

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