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What It Takes To Win - Monthly Offense

A review of our What It Takes To Win benchmarks for a 12 team mixed league with 23-man rosters:

  • .288 AVG
  • 313 HR
  • 1141 RBIs
  • 1185 runs
  • 172 steals

In a roto league, you can dig yourself into a deep hole if you are weak in a category and wait too long to correct it.  With that in mind, I decided to throw out monthly benchmarks that you can shoot for with your offense.  This will help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses beyond just looking at the league standings.  I am going to keep it simple and just divide by sixth months.

So at the end of April, your ideal team should have these stats or better:

  • .288 AVG
  • 53 HR
  • 190 RBI
  • 198 runs
  • 29 steals

But if you really want to overdo it and micromanage, here is what a solid day would look like (dividing by 31):

  • .288 AVG
  • 2 HR
  • 6 RBIs
  • 7 runs
  • 1 steal

Seems pretty easy to do, until you have a couple zero RBI days or your team hits .089 on the day.

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