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What It Takes To Win: Runs

Time for another installment of  What It Takes To Win.    In this series, I examine my keeper league and determine the necessary thresholds to finish strong in each category.  I feel that my league is fairly standard: 23-man rosters, 12 teams, normal 5x5 categories.  I've got three years of data to work with, and my goal is to finish at least third in each category.  10 points times 10 categories equals 100 points, enough to win the league.  Last time I looked at RBIs.

In looking at three years of data for my league, I've determined that 1185 runs should earn you at least third place in the RBI category.

  • That's 84.6 runs per position player.  I've projected 63 players to score at least this many (but no catchers will pull it off).  74 players managed it in real life in '07; 78 in '06.
  • Using previous thresholds for AVG, HR, and RBI, only 15 players reach the benchmarks in all four categories.  The latest drafted is Chipper Jones in the sixth round, and then Garrett Atkins in the fifth.
  • In another post, I'll attempt a rundown of each team's leadoff hitter.  Always a good place to look for runs.

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