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Odds and Ends

I've cobbled some links together for you this morning.

  • East Windup Chronicle takes a look at Internet fantasy baseball leagues - 16 years ago.
  • Science Fiction Baseball takes on our RotoAuthority projections with their WAVE projections.  In previous years, my projections looked more like these WAVE ones.  I think that was a mistake on my part.  Even if I hit on some sleepers, I also caused people (and myself) to overdraft and somewhat rely on the Mark Teahens, Scott Bakers, and Mark Ellises.  I now believe that projections should show what the player is most likely to do rather than what they could do.  Could Fukudome drive in 112 runs?  Sure.  Should you count on him doing it?  No.  I'd rather draft off the conservative projections while applying mental notes about which players I like to beat projections.  (Usually those mental notes end up as blog posts here).
  • Matt Reedy (The Rusty Kuntz in the Silver League) has used PECOTA to project the standings of both the Silver League and the RotoAuthority League.  Each spreadsheet also contains draft results by round as well as by team.  Check out the Silver League here and the RotoAuthority League here.    PECOTA likes Santa's Magic Janitor and Men With Wood to compete for the RotoAuthority title.

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