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More On Spring Training Stats

John Dewan came up with this piece of info a few years back:

A hitter with a positive difference between his spring training slugging percentage and his lifetime slugging percentage of .200 or more correlates to a better than normal season.

John was kind enough to reply to my email asking for clarification on his statement.  He told me he'd use a sample size of 35 ABs or more and that "better than normal" relates to SLG primarily.

Given that info, here are the players who currently qualify for improvement based on their '08 spring stats:

  • Andre Ethier (.680 against .464 career)
  • Carlos Guillen (.708 against .450 career)
  • Brian Anderson (.638 against .353 career)
  • Jorge Cantu (.739 against .450 career)
  • Placido Polanco (.674 against .416 career)
  • Curtis Granderson (.791 against .493 career)
  • Chris Burke (.763 against .377 career)
  • Mike Morse (.816 against .399 career)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (.921 against .479 career)
  • Ron Belliard (.784 against .412 career)
  • Yunel Escobar (.722 against .451 career)
  • Josh Hamilton (.972 against .554 career)
  • Melvin Mora (.694 against .438 career)
  • Craig Counsell (.686 against .347 career)

Do you think any of these guys will top their career SLG?

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