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Free 2008 Fantasy Baseball Projections - Update

Free 2008 fantasy baseball projections at RotoAuthority.com - again with a fresh update.  As always, I ask that you each bring me five new readers.  Also I strongly encourage you to sign up for our RSS feed or to receive posts via email.  Once again I've tweaked playing time for an update to the guide.

These dollar values apply to a 12-team, 5x5 mixed non-keeper league with 23-man active rosters and $260 budgets.  Negative dollar values mean you should not draft those guys in such a league.  If your league isn't of this type I can't help you with adjustments.

Use the filters in the spreadsheet to view by position.  For example hit the drop-down in column J, select Custom, and then select greater than or equal to 15 to see only catchers with 15+ games played.

Note that my values place a premium on pitching and speed that you will not find elsewhere.  I used methods from Art McGee's How To Value Players For Rotisserie Baseball to create the values, and the logic is quite sound.   But even if you completely agree with the dollar values found here, they would never correspond directly with your draft order. 

For example, I truly believe Jake Peavy can be the second-most valuable player in all of fantasy baseball in 2008.  But since his average draft position is 20.1, picking him second would be dumb.  Additionally, Jake has higher injury risk/volatility than a position player does.  So don't build a pitching/speed team devoid of the other categories just because my system likes those types.

Download the latest projections here.

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