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Draft Analysis, Mailbag

Couple of things this afternoon:

  • Patrick Dicaprio of the Fantasy Baseball Generals explains why he thinks my team will win the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League.  On the podcast (listen on Patrick's site) some other fellows took issue with a lot of my picks.  Can't blame 'em for commenting on the foolishness of a second catcher in a one-catcher league.  But beyond that there were a few criticisms that I (obviously) don't agree with.  I say don't be afraid to go off the beaten path and "reach" for guys you like.  For instance, Corey Hart in the sixth and Rafael Furcal in the seventh.  Using reasonable, middle-ground projections, I rank these guys much more highly than conventional wisdom.  If I feel that they're going to be gone if I wait and they're the best available, then screw ADP.  That's what kind of stinks about snake drafts compared to auctions.
  • Next item, Hardball Times mailbag.  Hit me up at rotoauthority@gmail.com with questions.  Please don't make 'em specific to your team (ie, I'm in a 14 team AL-only 7x7 league and get to choose eight keepers out of the following ten players...).

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