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Best Picks Of The RotoAuthority League Draft

The RotoAuthority draft is in the books; in this post you'll find the rosters as well as a poll to vote for the team you think is strongest.  So far based on 144 respondents, the prevailing opinion is that Dizzy Llamas and Miss Behavin' will be battling it out for the title.

Today I'll run through what I feel were the best picks of each round of the draft.

  • Round 1: Urine Troubles takes Johan Santana with the 5th pick.  A gusty move to be sure, but a typical Johan season would likely return more value than any other player.
  • Round 2: Ms. Behavin' takes David Ortiz with the 19th pick.  Ms. Behavin' had already snagged Miguel Cabrera in the first; that's two elite four-category hitters.
  • Round 3: Dizzy Llamas takes Russell Martin with the 25th pick.  Most will say the Llamas reached here.  But I truly believe Martin is one of the 15 most valuable position players in the game.  The Llamas knew that if they wanted the game's best fantasy catcher, they needed to take him here.
  • Round 4: Philly Phliers takes C.C. Sabathia with the 45th pick.  His ADP suggested he'd be gone by the time the Phliers picked again.  To me, Sabathia is the game's third best pitcher and could provide first-round value.
  • Round 5: Greek God Of Walks takes Hunter Pence with the 60th pick.  This is right on target with Pence's ADP.  Pence is up there with Hart and Markakis for five-category outfielders.
  • Round 6: Men With Wood takes Rafael Furcal with the 64th pick.  I was going six picks later, and I definitely would've taken Furcal.  Tulo and Guillen had left the board in the previous round. I switched to Plan B and grabbed Michael Young, after which there is a massive dropoff at shortstop.
  • Round 7: Men With Wood takes Torii Hunter with the 81st pick.  Given his 58.5 ADP, Hunter is just incredible value taken here.  Not too many big-time five-category OFs hanging around after him, and he's having a big spring.  Two gutsy moves I liked in this round: Kemp at #73 by Dizzy Llamas and Lincecum at #79 by Volvo Stationwagons.  I think the Llamas knew I'd take Kemp if they didn't.
  • Round 8: Greek God Of Walks takes Javier Vazquez with the 85th pick.  A case of ignoring ADP when it was necessary.  Vazquez (rightfully) went before Carlos Zambrano in this league. 
  • Round 9: Santa's Magic Janitors takes Ryan Zimmerman with the 98th pick.  This pick caused a ripple where Beltre and Encarnacion were snagged earlier than expected to finish off the top tier 3Bs.  Nice move by Santa's, who calculated he could miss out on all three if he didn't move on Zimmerman here.
  • We'll stop there for now and pick this up tomorrow.

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