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2008 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Shortstops

Sleepers, undervalued, profitable players, call 'em what you will.  In general, some guys who may not be getting enough respect in your mixed league.

  • I would be concerned if I didn't get a Top 8 shortstop: Reyes, Ramirez, Rollins, Jeter, Furcal, Guillen, Young, Tulo.  Jeter and Tulo are reaches in the fourth round, so I often find myself with Furcal or Young in the sixth or seventh.  Tejada in the seventh: not for me.
  • Orlando Cabrera around the 11th round is not a bad pick.  Say he hits .300 with 90 runs and 20 steals, he's right up there with Furcal, Guillen, Young, and Tulo.
  • Julio Lugo in the 20th round is solid, maybe for your MI slot based on your needs.  I see something like .270-8-55-70-25.
  • J.J. Hardy and Khalil Greene don't impress me - if either is your starting shortstop, you screwed up.
  • Stephen Drew's a popular sleeper pick...if it's a 12 team mixed non-keeper league I'd pass.  If it's deeper or keeper then sure.
  • Ronny Cedeno might be able to sneak in and earn a few bucks if he's traded to Baltimore.
  • If I squint hard enough I can almost picture Yuniesky Betancourt as a sleeper.  He's 26, he could add some power and swipe ten.
  • Anyone else you like as a shortstop sleeper?

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