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Thoughts On Conor Jackson

My Conor Jackson projection: .291-16-71-69-2 in 467 ABs.  The line would be worth $2.83, below Kevin Youkilis but above Ryan Garko

There's more here, however.  I am still as big of a Jackson fan as I ever was.  The high contact and walk rates indicate a .300 hitter.  And 10 HR in 182 post-break ABs shows his 25 HR upside.  Plus, Tony Clark isn't around anymore to interfere with his PT.  I see a ceiling in the $13-15 range for Jackson if everything comes together.  That's actually sniffing Derrek Lee/Justin Morneau territory, so it's nothing to sneeze at.  Jackson is going undrafted in many leagues.

I have to amend my previous statement that Joey Votto is the only legitimate first base sleeper.  Good to have longtime reader finite24 keeping me in check! 

Just as Votto may have to deal with Scott Hatteberg, Jackson's PT may be affected by Chad Tracy.  Tracy had microfracture knee surgery, so he's anything but a sure thing.  But he's healthy, he'll play a corner and take PT away from Jackson and Mark Reynolds.  Fantasy owners hope for Hatteberg to be traded and (I hate to say this) for Tracy to miss the '08 season.

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