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The Dirty Dozen

We've got the 12 teams that will battle it out in the 2008 RotoAuthority Fantasy League.  Thanks to all those who applied.  Everyone appeared formidable.  Here's a look at each league member.

Tim D. runs RotoAuthorityYou know me, I am the guy behind MLBTradeRumors.com and this site.  Happily married, went to UIUC, live in the burbs of Chicago, enjoy Arby's.  I am just a guy who loves baseball.

Randy runs Los GeniusMoney manager in NY.  33, engaged.  Playing fantasy baseball and football for over a decade.  Frequent poster on RotoAuthority.  I believe free leagues are a waste of time, and that the Red Sox will repeat.

Jeff runs the Volvo StationwagonsI'm a civil engineer and fantasy baseball geek (in my age-27 season) currently living in a small town nobody's ever heard of on the eastern shore of Maryland.  I've been playing fantasy baseball for seven years and have taken second place in more leagues than I can count; it seems to be some sort of habit. 

Jay runs the Socks Without PartnersI'm a 32 year old computer programmer from Long Island, New York. Much to my girlfriends chagrin (Who still refers to this as "imaginary baseball") no matter where I am movies, dinner, bars you will usually find me checking my crackberry every 30 minutes or so. When I'm not watching baseball you will usually find me wandering aimlessly through Manhattan with my ipod blasting the likes of Bob Mould, Frank Black, or The Pogues.

Aussie Dan runs the Aubrey Huff's $34.99ersI’m a 29 year old Australian, living in London.  I like the smell before it rains in Australia but dislike words deliberately spelt incorrectly and hair dressers named after a ‘clever’ play on words.  I’d like to win one of these things sometime soon…

Daniel runs the Urine TroublesI'm 24 years old and a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I'm a transplanted Red Sox fan whose heart followed Manny from Cleveland to Boston.  When I'm not waiting for waivers to clear or hawking over StatTracker, I bide my time with good friends, good music, and good beer.

Melissa runs Ms. Behavin'I’m a graduate of Pomona College (Go Sagehens!) and the University of Washington, currently working as a Biostatistician with a focus on cancer research.   I’m going to try to win this thing just like the rest of you, so don’t take it easy on me, just because I’m a girl, and nearly old enough to be your mother (37 years old...hey, I'm younger than Bret Boone!) 

Chris runs Greek God Of WalksI am 23 years old and currently finishing my MBA at Crummer Graduate School of Business in Winter Park, Florida.  As you may have guessed, I am a die hard Red Sox fan and am still beside myself after the Super Bowl.  I have been affectionately dubbed "The Peyton Manning of Fantasy Sports" by the regulars in my fantasy leagues for my regular season aptitude and postseason ineptitude.

Thomas runs Men With WoodI am a 29 year-old lawyer in Chicago (I'm the ESPN all-star checking my phone for box score updates during depositions).  Last January I forced my girlfriend and I to move from a Comcast-exclusive apartment to a building that allowed Directv when it looked like the MLB Extra Innings package was going to be Directv exclusive.

Darrell runs Philly Phliers38 year old Lawyer working in NYC living in Philly area.  I may be the elder statesman of this group but I am a crafty veteran who knows how to win.  I reserve the right to rename my team to Philly CreamCheese should circumstances prove otherwise.

Tim K. runs Santa's Magic JanitorsI am a 37-year-old newspaper delivery boy; I don’t need the money but I like the feeling of riding my ten-speed down an empty street at five in the morning.  I enjoy musical theater, military history and the novels of Pauly Shore; occasionally I read them in the original Latin but I prefer the meticulous translations done by Umberto Eco (especially the whimsical illustrations).

Adam and Patrick run Dizzy Llamas25 year olds living and working in Boston, MA. They are 12'3" and 350 lbs. (combined, not individually...that'd be some kind of record) and enjoy spending their days pretending they're not 25 years old and working in Boston by playing rec league basketball, softball, dodgeball, and volleyball during the week. They're both sick of destroying public league competition and excited about the challenge of this league.

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