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2008 RotoAuthority Fantasy League

I've taken in all the suggestions, and have decided on how we're going to put together a competitive, entertaining 2008 RotoAuthority Fantasy League.

  • The draft will take place on Thursday March 13th at 7pm CST.  I've decided to do a standard-issue snake draft, as I want our league to be as standard as possible so as to entertain the most readers.  If Yahoo somehow allows drafts to be watched publicly we'll definitely do that.  Don't apply for the league if you can't make this time and date!
  • The buy-in for the league is $100.  This must be in my PayPal account by 4pm CST on Friday February 22nd.  If you make the cut but miss the payment deadline I'll move on to the next person.  Please don't send any money over until you get an email from me confirming that you're in.  Those in the league will decide how to divy up the $1200.   I realize this buy-in eliminates strong players who can't spare the cash, and I apologize for that.  I will create a separate thread for other RotoAuthority readers to use as a gathering place to create leagues.   
  • If you can handle the above and want in, make your case in the comments of this post.  Please don't send me email about it.  Do include your email address in your comment.  There are no other guidelines for making your case - just tell me why you deserve to play.  I will close this thread off at the end of Tuesday and then I'll pick the winners.
  • I love the suggestion of weekly updates on the league here at RotoAuthority, making it a very public competition that everyone can enjoy.
  • In the name of keeping the league elite and also giving new people a chance to play, the bottom four finishers in '08 will be booted out for the 2009 league.  Anyone finishing in the top eight has the option of keeping their spot for '09.  If I finish in the bottom four, I am going to break my rule and keep playing anyway! 
  • League specs: 5x5 rotiserrie style with AVG, HR, RBI, R, SB, ERA, WHIP, W, K, and SV.  12 teams.  Will be a daily league played on Yahoo.  Other details will be hammered out by league members.

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