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Monday Mailbag

I'm just going to update this post throughout the day when I have time to answer your questions.  Feel free to continue to shoot them to rotoauthority@gmail.com.

Michael G:  What is your take on the Pittsburgh closer situation?

RotoAuthorityMike Gonzalez is still the man, and he's the only one you'd want to have in a mixed league.  Wouldn't be surprised to see the occasional op for Marte, Torres, or Hernandez depending on matchups.  Tracy brought Gonzalez in a few days ago in the 8th to face some tough lefties; don't read too much into it.  Said Jim Tracy:

"Mike Gonzalez is going to close games for us, no question.  But it made all the sense in the world for Mike Gonzalez to pitch when he did and for Roberto Hernandez to pitch when he did."

I still think Gonzo will save 30+ games with an ERA under 3 and a WHIP near 1.20.  The only possible downfall for him is walks.  If he keeps those down I like him as much as Papelbon, Ray, and the like.

Dan G:  In a 10-team, AL-only, 4x4 league, who is a better keeper, Verlander or Zumaya?  If Zumaya is closing by next year, I would think he is.  Is that a realistic possibility with Jones' contract and Rodney's placeholding?

RotoAuthority:  I still like Verlander.  Zumaya will have a better K rate, but that won't matter since you're in a 4x4.  How many AL starters can post a sub-3.50 ERA and sub-1.25 WHIP with above average Ks for years to come?  Very few, and Verlander is one of them.  Zumaya could be a lights out closer in 2008 when Jones's contract is up, but you can't afford to wait around and see.  He's still third in line right now.  And if both are starters, Zumaya will have a worse WHIP.

Jason F:  Who will put up better numbers overall in 2006 - Ellis or Iguchi?

RotoAuthority:  I know my boy Ellis isn't doing much this year, hitting .261-0-2-3 in 23 ABs so far.  But look where he's been hitting in each game:  leadoff, leadoff, second, third, second, leadoff.  His last game included three hits.  He's still got the skills to hit .300 with 20 HR and 110 runs scored, so I'll stick to that for now.

Iguchi should have similar power numbers with a lot fewer runs scored and a significantly worse batting average.  Plenty of that is countered by 15+ steals, but I still think Ellis will be worth at least $5 more when it's all said and done.

Given that we're one week in, I'll hold fast on my projections at this point:  Ellis 5th, Iguchi 13th among 2Bs.

Sam S: I have just been proposed a trade in which I would get Manny Ramirez, while giving up Travis Hafner.  I am a huge believer in Hafner and so far he has looked great.  Over the entire season, however, do you see his value in a H2H league with the following categories:  R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVR, OPS matching Manny's?

RotoAuthority:  I am a H2H newbie, but I'll try my best to compare.  I think their numbers should be very similar this year, with Hafner posting a better batting average but Manny driving in more runs.  I guess it depends on what you need.  A trade like this seems like a trade just for the sake of making one, rather than teams filling different needs.


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