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Howie Kendrick Alert

I hadn't realized Adam Kennedy was in his contract year.  The Angels have a mixed record as far as pushing vets aside for quality youngsters.

The Halos cleared a spot for Jeff Mathis this year by letting Bengie Molina walk.  They did the same for Dallas McPherson the year before with Glaus.  On the other hand, Casey Kotchman and Juan Rivera have kind of been languishing.  And Orlando Cabrera got a four-year deal despite some talent in the pipeline.

Anywho, Howie Kendrick looks like a damn good bet for a .300 average with 15-20 HR pop and 15 steal potential too.  He's a hacker but he makes contact.  His bandwagon is picking up steam lately, so he's not sleeper material.  But he looks like a top fantasy 2B for years to come.  Whether Kennedy is dealt or just allowed to walk after the season, you have to be aware of Kendrick. 

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