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Jake Peavy Owes Me $20

I'm not kidding.  I want Jake Peavy to send me twenty bucks.  He made $750,000 this year, so that would constitute about .0027% of his paycheck.

Peavy's undisclosed, idiotic injury is probably what caused the odds to be so heavily stacked in St. Louis's favor before yesterday's game.  The money line for that game ranged from +160 to +180, meaning a $10 bet would win you $16-18.  Pretty good odds for one of the best young pitchers in the National League.  So I threw down $10 for Peavy to win the game.  My guess is that oddsmakers already knew about the injury before setting the line.

I also bet the under on the number of hits Peavy would allow, which was set at 6.  In a typical game this year, Peavy allowed less than six hits in his start, so it seemed like a solid venture.  Of course, Peavy surrendered 246 hits yesterday. 

In case you weren't aware, Peavy fractured two ribs during the Padres group hug or pileup or whatever it was.  Maybe this will start some momentum towards putting an end to annoying hopping group hugs.

At any rate, Jake, you owe me at least $20 for not telling anyone about your injury and trying to pitch through it.  Did you really think it was noble to get through four innings and give up 82 runs?  Oil Can Boyd could've done that.  Now the Padres chances of getting past the Cardinals went from somewhat possible to a snowball's chance in hell.  So much for that Padres-Angels World Series I was envisioning.  Jake, I'll take that in two tens.

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