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MLB Trade Rumors: Ken Griffey Jr. to the White Sox?

As you all know, July 31st isn't the end-all be-all for baseball trades.  Occasionally, a significant player can be traded in August, slipping through waivers because of his large salary.  In the past, players such as Mike Sweeney and Livan Hernandez were rumored to have passed through waivers. 

Last year, Larry Walker not only passed through waivers, but was dealt to the Cardinals for three prospects.  Teams can always work the system with handshake deals with remaining teams and players to be named later.  John Smoltz and Jeff Bagwell were once young prospects involved in waiver deals.  Tracy Ringolsby has a thorough history of the more significant August waiver trades in years past.

Despite all this, it seems unlikely that the White Sox could pull off a deal for Ken Griffey Jr.  The Reds seem to want Brandon McCarthy in the deal, and it doesn't make sense that McCarthy would get through waivers.  As expected, the Reds and White Sox camps are denying any possible deal.  Further throwing a wrench into the situation is that Griffey can veto any trade as a 10 and 5 player.  It's not known whether Griffey would accept a trade to Chicago.

The move would have little effect on Griffey's fantasy value.  As we discussed a few weeks ago, Griffey is simply too injury prone to rely on in fantasy baseball.  You're better off trying to pick up possible September call-ups Delmon Young and Carlos Quentin.   


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