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MLB Free Agents 2006 Articles

MLB Free Agents 2006:  Article Index

Top 50 Baseball Free Agents 2006 Revised

Johnny Damon: $50 Million Deal with Angels In the Works?

A.J. Burnett to Washington?

Paul Konerko: Moving to L.A.?

Trevor Hoffman: Not Mariano Rivera

Japanese Catcher Kenji Jojima to Sign With Mariners?

Erubiel Durazo and Octavio Dotel: Free Agent Bargains

Nomar Garciaparra: Leaving the Cubs for a Two-year Deal?

Rafael Furcal: Headed to Arizona?

Brian Giles: Joining His Brother In Atlanta?

Jarrod Washburn: Brewers Interested?

B.J. Ryan, Paul Konerko, Tony Armas Jr.

Ramon Hernandez: Possible Mets Deal?

Billy Wagner

Matt Morris, Trevor Hoffman, Mike Piazza

A.J. Burnett, Jeff Weaver

MLB Free Agent Starting Pitching Market Analysis

Closers: Kyle Farnsworth, Bob Wickman, Todd Jones, Ryan Dempster

Second Basemen: Mark Grudzielanek, Tony Graffanino, Trade Options

Shortstops: Rafael Furcal, Nomar Garciaparra, Rich Aurilia, Neifi Perez

Third Basemen: Bill Mueller, Joe Randa, Nomar Garciaparra

MLB Free Agents 2006 Position Players from RotoWorld's Matthew Pouliot

MLB Free Agents 2006 Pitchers from RotoWorld's Matthew Pouliot

MLB4U's Top 50 Free Agent List


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will the mets trade for manny

Sure, there's a decent chance assuming Manny wants to play in NY. I wrote about that trade possibility a bit here:


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