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MLB Trade Rumors: Alfonso Soriano to the Mets?

The latest MLB trade rumor picking up steam is Texas second baseman Alfonso Soriano moving to the Mets for prospects.  Back when Soriano was rumored to be going to Cleveland, we delved into his stats a bit to determine his true value.

Our conclusion was that Soriano has a wealth of fantasy value but much less real-life value.  His below average on-base skills and moderate stolen base success rate aren't overcome by his huge power numbers.  Nonetheless, Soriano is a great player for you to target in a trade at this point in the season.  Moving from Ameriquest to Shea would certainly have a detrimental effect, but not enough to cause concern in fantasy baseball.  As we stated before, try to deal a replaceable closer for a commodity like Soriano. 

Stepping outside the realm of fantasy for a moment, should the Mets make this trade?  The short answer is no.  For a team with a major problem getting the top of its lineup on base, Soriano doesn't help.  His fielding is not spectacular either.  There also remains the question of what talent the Mets would have to surrender.  One could almost see a repeat of the Scott Kazmir scenario here. 

If the Mets are forced to give up their top prospect, outfielder Lastings Milledge, this trade would be a terrible one.  The Mets are just on the fringe of the wild card and can't afford to continue abandoning future stars.  Milledge was excellent in A ball last year, and has just been promoted to AA.  He's only 20 and the world is his oyster.  In a Texas Rangers 2007 outfield, Milledge could be a force to be reckoned with.

And as with Kris Benson, the Mets will feel compelled to sign Soriano to a long-term deal in the offseason to justify their mid-season trade.  Minaya has been wise to go after only the best available players so far, but Soriano would be a misstep.      

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