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MLB Trade Rumors: Griffey, Zito, Schmidt

Here we are on July 21st, and The Roto Authority is being bombarded by trade rumors.  Talk radio, websites, blogs, those GMs I talk to on a regular basis, my little sister - everyone is throwing out trade rumors.  Let's take a look at a few more of the big names purportedly "on the block."  We've already discussed what could happen to Adam Dunn, A.J. Burnett, and Jim Thome.

One rumor picking up a bit of steam lately is Ken Griffey Jr. to the Yankees.  The Yankees have been making some terrible investments lately (Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, Jason Giambi, Tony Womack) and even dynasties can't buy every player that comes along.  The Yankees have approximately one legitimate prospect, third baseman Eric Duncan.  They are rushing Duncan through the minors as we speak.  Reds GM Dan O'Brien isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he'd probably make a Duncan for Griffey deal. 

If he did, Griffey would still be the same major injury risk he's been for the past five years.  As the Reds have learned, constant injuries to expensive star players do serious damage to a team.  If Griffey goes to the Yankees, the only thing that improves is his reputation.  This concept includes fantasy baseball.  In the unlikely event of a trade, talk up Griffey's RBI opportunities in his new All-Star lineup and get something in return before he pulls up with a bad hammy

What about Barry Zito?  Zito is coming off six consecutive excellent starts and has lowered his ERA to 3.55.  Chances are, Barry's best years are behind him and he ends up with an ERA around 4.  The A's have a club option for Zito for 2006.  Oakland GM Billy Beane insists he won't be trading the last of the Big 3 this July.  Even if he does, Zito is a middle-of-the-rotation fantasy starter, the type of guy who used to be great and is descending into the Doug Davis range.  Nothing wrong with that, but don't try to acquire him. 

Jason Schmidt is another intriguing name being bandied about.  Schmidt also has a club option, and he also has a GM who has stated that the pitcher is not available.  Ned Colletti made that comment on July 5th, but I'm not taking it at face value.  Unlike the A's, the Giants are completely out of the playoff hunt.  They have almost no good young players to speak of.  Not sure if Moises Alou qualifies, but Giants fans have been actively soliciting for a slugger to protect Barry Bonds

The problem is that there aren't a lot of great fits for the underachieving Schmidt.  Philadelphia could cough up Ryan Howard.  The trade-hungry AL East teams aren't loaded with young tradeable talent.  The Roto Authority can envision a deal involving Daniel Cabrera for Schmidt if the Burnett deal falls through.  If that deal is consummated, Cabrera is the one you want on your fantasy team.  Trade or not, try to acquire the 24 year old Cabrera now, while his ERA is still at 4.64.  Once the young strikeout artist harnesses his control, he will be an ace. 

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